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Patient from Santa Clara: Thyroid, Fatigue, Stress, Back Pain, Menopause, Night Sweats, Leg Pain and Posture Success Story at Cupertino Chiropractic

Monday, June 11th, 2012

I originally came to the Dubners with neck and back pain issues related to poor posture. I had seen a physical therapist a couple years ago who told me my posture was causing pinched nerves. I went to a traditional chiropractor for almost a year after that with discouraging results – I was in more pain, and had developed a limp when walking. With nothing seeming to work, I became anxious and depressed, and was prescribed medications to treat those symptoms.
Since becoming a patient at Dubner Chiropractic, I’ve had so many improvements which have brought me a tremendous boost of satisfaction. My posture has improved; the limp is gone. I’m no longer on medications for anxiety and depression. I find it easier to be present, energetic and happy. I have had bowel and urinary flow improvements. I’m not cold even though I no longer have a Thyroid. I sleep much better, without the night sweats I had before. I’m more in touch with my body’s needs. I love myself and others even more than before. I finally have the life I’ve been wanting. Coming to Dubner Chiropractic has been good for me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The staff is genuinely happy to see me and truly cares for me. I love coming to the office, and I tell people about it all the time! I’m so excited to be alive!

Nancy Meck
Home Health RN
Santa Clara, CA

Coralyn Lundell: Cold hands, feet and cracked nails gone after seeing Cupertino chiropractor

Monday, August 25th, 2008

For years I have had cold hands and feet as well as cracked and peeling fingernails. After just three treatments with Dr. Sharon, my hands and feet are much warmer and my fingernails have greatly improved.

Thank you Dr. Sharon!

 Coralyn Lundell

S.M. : Magic happens in Cupertino for fatigue, womens health, thyroid problems and sleep problems

Monday, August 25th, 2008

DR. SHARON, YOU ARE MAGIC! THIS BRT WORK IS MAGIC! In one short month, my whole health has shifted! My doctor showed me lab test results that proved I had a dysfunctioning thyroid gland and recommended medication. I declined and instead sought out a natural solution and that is when I found you and your treatment and these magic results. I am no longer tired first thing in the morning and now have more energy and clarity throughout the day. I need less sleep at night and I no longer need to take naps. The pain and full feeling I had in my throat, which I had for years, is gone and my menstrual flow is now normal. What a change in my life!


Noreen Chan: Cupertino chiropractors thyroid problem and sleep problem help

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Before I started care at Dubner Family Chiropractic Center I had numerous problems. My thyroid was enlarged, I was always cold, (more…)

Connie Truedel: Cupertino chiropractic back pain, hot flash, fatigue, sleep problem, thyroid problem and weight loss

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I first heard about the Dubners at a Sluggish Thyroid talk at Curves. I had just been diagnosed with sluggish thyroid and was tired all the time and having hot flashes.

After just 3 weeks of care and no medications, I am losing my belly bulge and can drive home from work without stopping to take a nap along the road. Also, my mid back “stress” pain is gone! Best of all, after 3 years of waking up every hour or so with a hot flash, I am now sleeping through the night. My hot flashes have decreased, I have more energy, and even my boss and co-workers notice a great difference in my attitude – all for the better. I am also able to do garden work, house work, and the laundry without getting tired and sore.

Thanks both to Drs. Allen and Sharon Dubner and their staff for a journey of no pain!! 

Connie Truedel

Margaret Atherton: Chiropractors of cupertino back pain, weight loss, sleep problems, knee, hot flash, and thyroid problem success

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I first heard about the Dubners through a Thyroid talk they were presenting at the Y, and I was really interested because I have a Thyroid problem. My Thyroid problem was mild for awhile and I was seeing a General Practitioner, but became worse when I accidentally overdosed on my Thyroid medication for a month. After a while, my medication had to be increased because my body got used to the dosage and it made me jittery. Along with my Thyroid problem, I had hot flashes, thin fingernails, and I was always tired. I also had trouble falling back to sleep when I would wake up in the middle of the night. On top of all that, because my knees ached, I had a lot trouble getting up after sitting down on a chair. I needed people to help me get up since I wasn’t able to do it on my own.

During the first four months of receiving care from Dr. Allen and Dr. Sharon, I was able to cut my medications in half, my nails are stronger, I sleep better at night, and my hot flashes are completely gone!! Additionally, my knees are greatly improved and I am now able to get up on my own after I sit down on a chair!!

I am telling all my friends and family about the Dubners because I want them all to be healthy!!!

Margaret Atherton.

Grace Goldberger: Chiropractic arthritis, fatigue and thyroid symptoms help

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I first found out about Dubner Chiropractic from a talk that Drs. Dubner did at Stanford back in May 2004. For two years before coming in to see the Dubners, I had been experiencing pain from osteoarthritis and my energy level was low, especially in the evening, which I thought was due to my sleep apnea. In the last two months since I began seeing the Dubners, my energy level has skyrocketed and the pain from my osteoarthritis is almost gone. Not even a year later, I’ve noticed that my fingernails are much stronger and I know it’s because of the treatments I’ve been receiving from the Doctors, because all my life I’ve had brittle nails that had extremely slow growth that never grew past the tip of my nail bed. Any growth I did have would splinter and then break off. I’ve never tried to get them treated, but I was always frustrated about them. I always thought it was from a lack of calcium, but I found out from Dr. Allen that a weak thyroid was to blame. Now they don’t break and I actually have long nails! Healing begins as soon as you even start thinking about starting treatment in their office. This place is peaceful, soothing, and promotes wellness and healing!!!

Grace Goldberger

Sabrina Wang: Cupertino weight loss, fatigue, thyroid symptoms and stress improvements

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I have been coming to the Dubners’ for less than three months and I am already having amazing results. I have had a Sluggish Thyroid for twenty years and was placed on Synthroid after my family doctor confirmed my condition with lab tests. The treatments I have received in this office have made it possible for me to decrease my medication, lose weight, eat more, stress less, and have more energy. I had no idea that Chiropractic could affect my nerves and the rest of my body so positively! Even my Thyroid lab tests have improved since receiving care!

Sabrina Wang

Connie Stuckert: Bladder problems, palpitations, fatigue, foot and leg pain Cupertino chiropractic success

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I have been receiving care 5 months now and have had wonderful results! For years, I had been suffering from a Sluggish Thyroid, fatigue, weakness in my right leg, back pain, heart palpitations, and bladder leakage. The weakness in my right leg and my back pain made it impossible to stand for long periods of time and I could hardly stand long enough to prepare a meal. Every time I sneezed or sat in a chair, my bladder leaked, and I thought I may need to start wearing Depends. I had a very difficult time making it to the bathroom on time. My fatigue had me napping every day. In this short period of time, my Thyroid problems have gotten better, my leaky bladder is fixed, my heart palpitations are gone, I have more energy and hardly every nap. My weakness in my leg is almost gone and I rarely experience back pain. I can now lift my leg higher and have better control of my balance. I find that I am more mentally alert and have more patience with small stresses. Life is so much better when you are free of health problems! 

Connie Stuckert

Lavanya Agrawal: In Cupertino, chiropractic patient over comes shoulder pain, thyroid symptoms, asthma, arm pain, hand pain and weight problems

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I attended an allergy talk by the Drs. Dubner at the Saratoga YMCA late July of 2005. Before starting care with the Dubners, I had pain in my left shoulder which radiated to my arm and hand which I’ve had for about a year and a half and was progressively getting worse. It was so painful and numb that sometimes I couldn’t sleep at night. I also had trouble losing weight even though I exercised on a daily basis. I had been diagnosed with a thyroid problem 17 years ago. My thyroid problem would make my face and ankles constantly puffy, now, there is no more puffiness. Additionally, I had a lot of asthma-related symptoms including bronchitis. Last winter, I was on Prednisone and antibiotics constantly. This winter, so far so good. No bronchitis and no medications. I have been receiving care from Dr. Allen and Dr. Sharon for almost 5 months now and I feel much better than I have in years!! My shoulder pain is completely gone! I no longer have pain radiating down my arm and hand when doing an activity! I’ve lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks! I have no more asthma symptoms so I have stopped using my inhalers almost completely and no Prednisone and antibiotics! No more bronchitis! On top of all that, I don’t feel tired all the time like I used to. I’d like to thank the doctors and their staff. They are very helpful and kind. I think people who are still in debate or unsure should give the Dubners a try. For those who are starting out should stick it out for at least 4-6 months to allow enough time for their own results.

Lavanya Agrawal


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