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Connie Stuckert: Bladder problems, palpitations, fatigue, foot and leg pain Cupertino chiropractic success

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I have been receiving care 5 months now and have had wonderful results! For years, I had been suffering from a Sluggish Thyroid, fatigue, weakness in my right leg, back pain, heart palpitations, and bladder leakage. The weakness in my right leg and my back pain made it impossible to stand for long periods of time and I could hardly stand long enough to prepare a meal. Every time I sneezed or sat in a chair, my bladder leaked, and I thought I may need to start wearing Depends. I had a very difficult time making it to the bathroom on time. My fatigue had me napping every day. In this short period of time, my Thyroid problems have gotten better, my leaky bladder is fixed, my heart palpitations are gone, I have more energy and hardly every nap. My weakness in my leg is almost gone and I rarely experience back pain. I can now lift my leg higher and have better control of my balance. I find that I am more mentally alert and have more patience with small stresses. Life is so much better when you are free of health problems! 

Connie Stuckert

Rachel Bakker: Hand numbness, ovary pain Cupertino chiropractic success

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I have been going to the Dubners since 1994. I first came to the office because I started experiencing numbness in my hands. It took only six months of treatment to be rid of the numbness. It has now been 10 years and the numbness has never returned. In 2004, I began to experience pain in my right ovary and the right side of my lower back. It ws extremely painful and would come and go. I couldn’t sit down for long periods of time. My medical doctor gave me an ovarian ultrasound and a colonoscopy, but found nothing to explain the pain. Within 2 weeks of Chiropractic treatment, the pain in my ovary and lower back is now 95% gone. I always look forward to my visits at Dubner Chiropractic Center. The staff is so friendly and the office has such a positive atmosphere.

Rachel Bakker

Mia Begine: Patient from Santa Clara neck pain, arm pain, ringing ears, hot flashes and plantar fascitis Cupertino chiropractic success stories

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I was a basket case when I first came to Dubner Family Chiropractic.  I was suffering with plantar fascitis.  I had it first on one foot and by the time I came to Dr. Sharon and Dr. Allen, I had it on both feet.  I had tried cortisone shots and a cast on my foot.  This was temporary relief.  I was also having trouble with tendonitis in my right arm and severe neck pain.  There was a ringing in my ear and I was having hot flashes.  Plus I wasn’t sleepingvery well at night. Being a nurse and on my feet all day long was very difficult for me.  I really didn’t know what I was going to do.  I couldn’t even go to the store for more then a few minutes at a time.  I had difficulty even walking to the end of the block.  My energy level was so low.  The doctor’s thought it was my thyroid and it turned out to be my adrenals.  The adrenals were weak from all the cortisone shots I had received. I am Plantar Fasciitis free now.  I have no problem with standing for long periods of time.  I hope to be enjoying walking and bicycling again soon!  Dr. Sharon had been working on my Adrenals and my energy level is wonderful.  The pain in my arm and neck is all gone.  The ringing in my ear has disappeared and so did the hot flashes.  I am sleeping much better at night.  The stress in my life doesn’t get to me.  I tend to be a perfectionist and now I can let things go. I would recommend Dubner Family Chiropractic to everyone.  I can’t tell you how much the positive reinforcement from both Dr. Sharon and Dr. Allen has meant to me.  I just keep coming because they make me feel so GOOD!

Mia Begine

Santa Clara

Occupation:  Nurse

Amy Walsh: Edometriosis and immune system improved as well as neck and back pain Cupertino chiropractic success

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
I started seeing the Dubners for neck and lower back pain along with problems related to endometriosis. Within the first month of seeing Dr. Allen and Dr. Sharon, I noticed a dramatic decrease in my neck pain. Shortly afterward, the lower back pain improved as well. Today, seven months later, I have more energy and am free of nagging neck and back pain. Additionally, I believe the allergy work I’m doing with Sharon has helped with my endometriosis and boosted my immune system. When I do get cold or common illness, my symptoms don’t last as long and I seem to heal faster. After spending many years going from one traditional MD to another, I can honestly say that the results I’ve seen while working with the Dubners is the most gratifying and reassuring.
Amy Walsh

Alison Boudreau: Cupertino chiropractic back pain, allergies, sugar cravings and thyroid symptoms success

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I have been coming to the Dubners’ for 3 months and in that short time I have been able to rid myself of lower back pain, allergies, and sugar cravings! I know it sounds impossible; I was skeptical too when I first came to their office. I had already tried so many different doctors! I went to an allergist, acupuncturist, other chiropractors, and a physical therapist. Nothing worked! Thanks to Dr. Allen’s and Dr. Sharon’s approach I am a changed woman! I used to have to take Allegra, Claritin, and Flonase for my allergies’ but not anymore! I had lower back pain from a car accident I was in 20 years ago, and now it’s significantly reduced! I used to have intense sugar cravings, and now they are gone! Additionally, my eternally cold hands have finally warmed up! My results have been so amazing that I would recommend this work to ANYONE!

Alison Boudreau


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