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Donna Noell: Neck pain, hip pain and fibrocystic breast amazing improvement with chiropractic

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

When I began Hormone Replacement Therapy 15 years ago, I developed fibrocystic breast. I visited my M.D. and a Surgeon regarding my fibrocystic breast and the only treatment option they could offer me was having the cysts aspirated. I would have to have the cysts aspirated every six months for 15 years! When I first heard the Dubner’s at a lecture on “Balancing Hormones Naturally”, I thought I should give them a try. Since I have been receiving treatments, my results have been amazing and dramatic! I can always tell that changes are happening in my body just a few hours after treatment. My cysts have decreased and I don’t feel the same pain and discomfort that I had in the past.

Donna Noell

Pam Rochefort: Chiropractic back pain, headache, sleep problem, fatigue and stress success stories

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I had been suffering from headaches, fatigue, and muscle aches for thirteen years before I started care with the Drs. Dubner. The pain from my headaches was so intense that sometimes I would throw up. I felt them every time I ate chocolate, sometimes when I would wake up in the morning, or just anytime during the day. I felt the pain in my head as well as in my eyes. I saw three eye specialists and was given a CAT SCAN. The Medical Doctors could find nothing medically wrong with me. Within a month and a half of treatments with Dr. Sharon and Dr. Allen, I have only had one headache! The muscle aches are gone and I am no longer suffering fatigue. I sleep soundly now that all the pain is gone and have found that I have so much more energy. I am so much happier and have a much more positive outlook on life without all of the pain to deal with day in and day out. There’s nothing raining on my parade!

Pam Rochefort

Elitza Markova: Cupertino chiropractic back pain, shoulder pain, headache, fatigue, blood pressure and stress success story

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

For much of my life I had been experiencing adrenal and blood pressure problems, headaches everyday, and fatigue to the point of not leaving my bed. After only six weeks of treatment I don’t feel fatigued anymore & my health keeps on improving! I have so much more energy that for the first time in two years I have been able to start exercising again! I have also been able to completely rid myself of headaches. The muscles in my back and shoulders which were very stiff and numb before treatment are now relaxed and have regained their sensitivity. It is so much easier to do my daily activities such as housework. On top of feeling physically better, I have also had mental improvements. My concentration and clarity are probably at the highest they have ever been in my life! Thank you Dr. Sharon and Dr. Allen.

Elitza Markova

Andrea Voci: Headaches, mid back and neck pain chiropractic solution in Cupertino

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
My mother brought me in to see the Dubners’ the beginning of my freshmen year in 2002. I suffered from mild to severe headaches sometimes 3 to 4 times a week. These headaches were accompanied by severe neck and mid-back pain. It’s been about a month and a half since I have been getting adjusted and I rarely have my headaches anymore. My neck pain is almost gone and my mid-back is doing much better.
Andrea Voci

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