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San Jose Patient Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Weight Loss, Back Pain, Hand Pain, Sleep Problems, Sugar Cravings and Stress Success Story through Cupertino Chiropractor at Dubner Chiropractic

Monday, December 8th, 2014

I have been a patient of Dubner Chiropractic for about 2 months now. Before coming here I would take 50 units or more of insulin a day for a few years for my diabetes. I also have had a severe condition of fibromyalgia for the past 25+ years. I was on 8 different medications to help with pain, diabetes, blood pressure, kidney and cholesterol. I suffered from liver damage and stage 2 kidney disease. Prior to attending treatment with Dr. Sharon and Dr. Allen, I had seen a primary care physician and a beneficial chiropractor, but not much changed.

Immediately after coming to Dubner Chiropractic, I saw results. Within two weeks, I got off all of my insulin. I am off all of my other medications except one. My pain is virtually gone. Before, I experienced pain all over. Now I am capable of moving with great freedom and in addition, my sleep has improved. I have lost 27 pounds and 3 ½ inches at my waist since my first day here, and my blood sugar numbers are now in the 90’s with no medication. I also no longer have sugar cravings. Since being here, I have noticed that I have been much calmer, a lot happier, relieved, and more positive, and over all I feel better about myself.

With the combination of Dr. Sharon’s acupressure and Dr. Allen’s gentle chiropractic adjustments, I am now insulin free and I am happier with life itself. On top of their great work, the doctor’s emotional work, encouragement and support have definitely made the experiences I have had here worth continuing. I recommend and already have recommended these doctors to others. It will not only help symptoms go away, but it will save your life. I have tried a lot of things, but this is by far the most effective – even my medical doctors are supportive of it.

In addition to having one on one time with the doctors, their in-house health talks and lectures have brought me to understand more about what is good and what is bad for the human body. My dog, believe it or not, has also improved in health. Though most say not to, we feed our 11 year old dog from the table, and since my husband and I have changed our eating habits, our dog is getting happier and healthier with us. I am happy here. I feel good coming and feel better when I leave due to such great treatment and service.

Sharon Goldfien: Cupertino fibromyalgia, leg/foot pain and stress solution

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I came to Dubner Family Chiropractic Center after hearing Dr. Allen and Dr. Sharon give a Fibromyalgia talk at the Cupertino YMCA. I had undiagnosed fibromyalgia. I was stiff and sore throughout my entire body. My thighs were hard and my heels were very painful. I had anxiety and unclear thinking. Soon after receiving care, my muscles started to relax and feel good. Within 2 month my pain had decreased 68%. I am lessening my medication for anxiety attacks. My quality of life has greatly improved. My body is now responding to stress with more clarity and self-confidence. I even bought a new car with good feelings.

Sharon Goldfien

Gail Sanchez: Cupertino chiropractic fibromyalgia, arm/hand and carpal tunnel solution

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

 I have now been seeing the Dubners for about 7 months and I am so happy that I made the decision to make my health a number one priority. I had suffered with many symptoms relating to Fibromyalgia for at least 2 years. I had limited mobility and stamina, I couldn’t do anything that I enjoyed doing; just functioning through the day was enough! The most fantastic of my changes is I have use of my thumb again and my reach has improved, I can now scratch my back!!! I also no longer have to wear a wrist brace. My mobility has increased in my neck; I can look over my shoulder, something that I couldn’t previously do! My body is learning to work right again!! I feel a wonderful sense of achievement in my health and I owe that to the Dubners gentle adjustment technique. I have done something just for me, for my health. The results are fantastic and I feel so much better about life! 

Gail Sanchez

Cheryl Hallberg: Patient from Los Gatos chiropractic success with fibromyalyia, chronic fatigue, hip and leg pain

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

 I first came in to see the Doctors for my hip pain. It was extremely painful, I could only walk up the stairs one foot at a time, and I was unable to put full pressure on it. I also had nerve pain in my left calf muscle that went up my entire leg. Previous Doctors and Physical Therapists had told me it was my lower back causing the pain on my hip and leg, and said it should go away, but the pain never stopped for 2 years. Within 1 week of being treated by Dr. Allen & Dr. Sharon, it started feeling better and isn’t an issue at all now 5 weeks later! After having lung surgery 5 years ago, my mid-back hurt on and off. I have also lived with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 10 years, so that I was tired and ached all over. It became a part of me, and I wasn’t expecting it to go away. When I came in to see the Doctors, they told me they have helped other patients with Fibromyalgia and might be able to help me. After seeing Dr. Allen and Dr. Sharon, my hip pain has disappeared!  What’s even more amazing is my Fibromyalgia and CFS are completely gone after 5 short weeks. My energy level has dramatically improved, which makes me so grateful, because I am finally able to take care of my grandchildren.

Have chronic pain? Schedule a free consultation with the Doctors Dubner. I’m glad I did!

Cheryl Hallberg

Los Gatos



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