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Susan Kates: Cupertino headaches, menopause, blood pressure success

Friday, August 1st, 2008

When I first came to Dubner Family Chiropractic, I was suffering from migraine headaches, as many as two a week! I had returned to HRT after suffering from frequent hot flashes for a long time, I had been steadily gaining weight and my blood pressure was heading up. On top of that, I have multiple sclerosis. Now after treatment by the Dubners, I have reduced the number of migraines significantly! I am stockpiling the Imitrex tablets instead of running out. I have also found that peppermint oil can sometimes stop a migraine from developing. I have reduced my dose of HRT to half a dose every 2 1/2 days, and on the Adrenal diet, I have lost ten pounds! My blood pressure is now in the normal range. Despite having MS, I can now walk for 45 minutes, ride my exercise bike, and go on a kayaking vacation in British Columbia !! 

Susan Kates

Cleofe Castillo: Cupertino chiropractic high blood pressure shoulder pain and diabetes success

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
My daughter and I started to see the Dubners after attending one of their talks at Whole Foods.  I was suffering from High Blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, several bad nerves in my lower back and a painful shoulder which has bothered me since 1969.  I have seen several Doctors over the years and the last place I went was Kaiser.  The Doctor’s there were not kind to me and treatment was very painful.  I was on so many medications that when they did a blood test it showed my Kidneys were becoming weak. Since I have been coming to see Dr. Allen and Dr. Sharon I have lowered my blood sugar level from 155 to 95 and my Diabetes is so much better that I am off my Diabetes medication.  The High Blood pressure has come down from 170/91 to 109/52. My shoulder is feeling a lot less painful. This allows me to do more things.  My whole mood and emotions have changed for the better! I have been so very happy and impressed with Dubner Family Chiropractic.  I respond so much better to a caring and friendly environment. When asked would I recommend this care to others?  YES! 100% I like the way I feel no pain with their treatments.
Cleofe Castillo

Joseph Maurer: Patient from Mountain View chiropractic success fatigue, sinus problems, weight loss and high blood pressure

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

For over 30 years, I have been plagued by sinus infections that regularly followed the usual colds. They were treated with antibiotics; but over the last years, the treatments took longer and longer. This time, I was on antibiotics from April into June and still wasn’t free from the symptoms. After attending a presentation of Dr. Allen and Dr. Sharon Dubner at the Los Altos Whole Foods store, I accepted their offer of a free consultation. I was deeply impressed by Dr. Sharon’s highly intuitive diagnostic, and followed the Candida diet she prescribed to the letter.  Within two or three days, I started to experience a dramatic improvement in the symptoms of the sinus infection. Incidentally, and without suffering from any cravings or feeling hungry, I also lost 5 pounds without asking for it (I already had a rather normal weight for my age). Other beneficial effects included that the usual afternoon fatigue at work disappeared, and that my blood pressure (which was often too high) came down to normal levels. Over the following two or three weeks, where the diet was accompanied by Dr. Sharon’s gentle (and, as far as I am concerned, rather mystifying) treatment, the beneficial effects stabilized and improved even more. I am confident that Dr. Sharon has shown me a way to definitely get rid of my fragility in the ear/nose/throat area, and I am very grateful.

Joseph Maurer

Mountain View

Software Engineer

Elitza Markova: Cupertino chiropractic back pain, shoulder pain, headache, fatigue, blood pressure and stress success story

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

For much of my life I had been experiencing adrenal and blood pressure problems, headaches everyday, and fatigue to the point of not leaving my bed. After only six weeks of treatment I don’t feel fatigued anymore & my health keeps on improving! I have so much more energy that for the first time in two years I have been able to start exercising again! I have also been able to completely rid myself of headaches. The muscles in my back and shoulders which were very stiff and numb before treatment are now relaxed and have regained their sensitivity. It is so much easier to do my daily activities such as housework. On top of feeling physically better, I have also had mental improvements. My concentration and clarity are probably at the highest they have ever been in my life! Thank you Dr. Sharon and Dr. Allen.

Elitza Markova

Theresa Murray: Blood pressure and back pain success in Cupertino through chiropractic

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I have had great health changes both physically and emotionally since receiving Chiropractic care. My blood pressure has decreased by ten points from 138 to 128 since receiving care. This has amazed my Medical Doctors. My low back pain, which was constant, is gone most of the time. I used to be grumpy and now find myself no longer grumpy. I’m more relaxed and happy throughout the day! 

Theresa Murray


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