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Mountain View Chiropractic Patient Sensory Integration Disorder, Asperger’s, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Issues, Hyperactivity, and Stress Success Story at West San Jose Chiropractor

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Max has always been an intense child, but it wasn’t until he was almost 4 that we met a new preschool teacher who recognized that what had been going on with him could be described as Sensory Integration Disorder, or sensory processing issues.  Max hated his hair being touched. He would push other kids when they tried to hug him.  He would scream to try to block out loud noises.  He craved constant motion, or zoning out with screen time.  He would shriek “Mommy, don’t look at me!” and avoid eye contact.  If the routine changed, even slightly, we had to brace ourselves for a big emotional meltdown.

Grateful to have some idea of what to call what was going on with him, I started about nine months of research and negotiations with our pediatrician and health insurance about occupational therapy and getting an evaluation for autism. The more I read, the more he seemed to fit the pattern of what used to be called Asperger’s.

Meanwhile, I began my own healing journey at Dubner Chiropractic.  After seeing how much my health and energy transformed through Dr. Allen and Dr. Sharon’s care, and how gentle they are, I realized I had nothing to lose by bringing Max to them.

After the first visit, Max was hooked.  I couldn’t believe that he could sit still long enough for the network chiropractic treatments, but he loved them.  He says, “Mommy that makes my brain feel so good.”  Through Dr. Sharon’s guidance, we’ve cut out all processed foods, including gluten and sugar, and Max’s mood and energy is much more stable.  For the first time, he was calm enough to sit on the couch and look at a book by himself.  For the first time, he happily occupied himself with imaginative play in the bathtub, without needing us to entertain him.  He’s acting sweeter and more patient.

By the time we made it to the Autism evaluation with the clinical psychologists, his behavior, health and mood had all significantly improved.  They decided that his symptoms don’t rise to the level of warranting a diagnosis.  I was thrilled, but not because of the lack of label (because I was willing to get one if it meant that we could have access to treatments that might help him), but because I could already see what a profound improvement Max had made.

I’ve already recommended the Dubners to every friend I can think of, and I would completely recommend their gentle treatments for any child with sensory issues or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Sophie, Mother of Max

Mountain View

Todd Shimamoto: Improved co-ordination effectiveness and clarity through chiropractic

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

My son Todd is passionate about basketball and is diagnosed as PDD. After about 2 months of care with Dr. Allen and Dr. Sharon we noticed a huge difference in his ability to play basketball. He became faster and more assertive on the court. He became really aware of what was going on and dramatically increased his effectiveness. He typically scored from 0 to 4 points per game at the AAU level. At his last game, a very intense AAU level game, he scored 11 points. Also, his legs and feet feel good instead of being tired and sore. Want to increase your ease and effectiveness?

Give Dr. Allen and Dr. Sharon a try, and see what happens for you!

Cheryl Shimamoto

Todd’s Mom

Kaitlin Mueller: Special needs West San Jose add success story

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008


My daughter Kaitlin just turned 7 and is in second grade. She’s been

diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, an autistic spectrum disorder, as well as Sensory Integration Disorder. Her symptoms include lack of eye contact, impulsiveness, inflexible thinking, unreasonable rituals for daily activities, screaming upon being frustrated, difficulty transitioning activities, hyperactivity, trouble relaxing to fall asleep at night, crashing behaviors, bed and pants wetting, poor fine motor skills, and continuingneed to suck on a pacifier. A friend told me how she had gotten her ADD daughter off of Ritalin by using Network Chiropractic. She called it brain surgery via touching the spine. Since it was noninvasive and so gentle as to present no danger of injury I decided to bring Kaitlin in for treatment. After two months of treatments she no longer has screaming incidents at school. Her impulsive behaviors are virtually gone. She is participating in classroom discussions, raising her hand, and waiting to be called on. She is making much better eye contact. She is calmer, although she still wiggles excessively in her chair. She has an improved sense of where her body is so she no longer crashes into people and has stopped wetting her bed. We are delighted with these vast improvements. They seem so large as to not be just a coincidence. We are sure that the Network Chiropractic made these changes possible.

Karen Mueller, mother Kaitlin Mueller


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