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John Leonard: Blood sugar problems Cupertino chiropractic success

I was first diagnosed with Diabetes in 2000. My initial glucose measurements averaged 210. My physician prescribed Glucophage, Glipizide, and Lisinopril, which I take to control and lower my blood glucose levels. My levels went down to 150-160 and then stayed at this level for over a year. Then I came into the Dubners and began BRT treatment. Initially I though that nothing was happening, but then 10 days later my glucose measurements began to drop and continued to drop. My glucose levels now range from 80-120 and continue to stay low. Though I am still on my medications while doing BRT, I feel that when I go back and meet with my physician he will probably reduce my medications. I now have more energy and must say that since I’ve been getting positive results and feedback with my Diabetes, I am now motivated to check my blood sugar levels more often than before I began treatment.

John Leonard

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