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Grace Goldberger: Chiropractic arthritis, fatigue and thyroid symptoms help

I first found out about Dubner Chiropractic from a talk that Drs. Dubner did at Stanford back in May 2004. For two years before coming in to see the Dubners, I had been experiencing pain from osteoarthritis and my energy level was low, especially in the evening, which I thought was due to my sleep apnea. In the last two months since I began seeing the Dubners, my energy level has skyrocketed and the pain from my osteoarthritis is almost gone. Not even a year later, I’ve noticed that my fingernails are much stronger and I know it’s because of the treatments I’ve been receiving from the Doctors, because all my life I’ve had brittle nails that had extremely slow growth that never grew past the tip of my nail bed. Any growth I did have would splinter and then break off. I’ve never tried to get them treated, but I was always frustrated about them. I always thought it was from a lack of calcium, but I found out from Dr. Allen that a weak thyroid was to blame. Now they don’t break and I actually have long nails! Healing begins as soon as you even start thinking about starting treatment in their office. This place is peaceful, soothing, and promotes wellness and healing!!!

Grace Goldberger

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