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Patient’s sinus, hip, restless legs, headaches, pregnancy and digestive problems helped at Cupertino Chiropractic Center

I originally started coming to Dubner Chiropractic in 2004 to alleviate hip pain, which Dr. Allen successfully treated.  One of the motivating reasons for correcting my hip problem was that we were planning on having children in the future. 


We had our first child in 2006.  It was a relatively easy pregnancy because I saw Dr. Allen from the start of the pregnancy and continued to see him after.  I believe chiropractic care is especially important during pregnancy because a woman’s hips are expanding so rapidly.  Regular visits helped my body adjust to the changes.  My midwife also highly recommended chiropractic care to help keep the baby in the correct position. 


My second pregnancy was more difficult than my first.  I had morning sickness, indigestion and more stomach irritation in general, but that cleared after only one week of visits!  I also suffered from more sinus pressure, restless leg syndrome and headaches, but I didn’t want to take medication, so chiropractic care was a great, drug-free alternative.  Dr. Allen cleared it all up! 


During the second trimester, my hips began spreading very fast.  Dr. Allen was able to show me stretches to alleviate the pain.  The totally gentle methods of Dr. Allen allowed me to be treated during the full course of my pregnancy.  The regular visits also resulted in natural births (no drugs) for both pregnancies. 


After my first pregnancy, I was told I would never fit back into my old jeans again because of the spreading of the hips, but Dr. Allen said I would.  I was ecstatic to be able to wear mine after only 8 weeks!  Now, only two weeks after my second pregnancy, I can feel my hips moving back into place already and I am continuing postpartum care.  I believe chiropractic care is especially important before, during and even after your pregnancy.  It helps your body stay in shape!

Melanie Banfield

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