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Sunnyvale Patient Digestive Problem, Immune System, Chronic Illness Cupertino Chiropractic Success Story



For ten years, I had battled chronic heartburn.  It kept me up at night with considerable discomfort and could even be a problem during the day.  Although particular foods certainly aggravated it, I couldn’t seem to control it with diet.  It got to the point I finally sought out a specialist.  He made no inquiries into my diet, besides telling me to avoid anything particularly problematic and prescribed medication.  On the extra strength meds, I still had to take two pills every day, with no relief in site.  I was a slave to the medication.  I had to make sure I took it with me everywhere I went or face potential pain until I could take some.  Even though the pills did help, they didn’t completely alleviate the pain and certainly didn’t solve the original problem!

            In addition to the heartburn, I had suffered from chronic illnesses since I was a child.  Strep throat in particular was a recurring problem.  I would be very sick several times a year and missed a lot of school.  As I got older, I continued to catch everything and anything that was going around.  It was normal for me to miss a couple or even a few weeks of school or work in a year.  I was frequently prescribed antibiotics, which the doctors had to keep changing.

            Within two weeks of being treated by Dr. Allen and Dr. Sharon, my heartburn disappeared!  After years of struggling with it, I was finally symptom free!  It was a relief that I didn’t have to carry medication with me everywhere I went.  Even more amazing is the fact that I haven’t been sick in the eleven months since starting care with the Dubners! 

            The treatments at Dubner Family Chiropractic are like nothing I have experienced before.  There are no cracking sounds or forceful movements at the Dubner office, as you may experience at some other chiropractors.  Their special adjustments are totally gentle!


Courtney Westendorf


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